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How to use Sony Entertainment Network Voucher Code

  Sony PlayStation is the favorite pastime activity for millions of children and grown-ups all over the world. In 2006, PlayStation Network was launched, where the users were able to register and buy digital copies of the desired games, apps and other PlayStation content. In the meantime, the PSN was renamed and it is now [Continue]

Fantasy Life 3ds Review

Fantasy Life is a playful mix of the magical and the mundane things combined in charming blend that brings interesting story and catching gameplay along the way. It combines calm, peaceful life with RPG quests and terrifying monsters which create unique atmosphere in the game. Fantasy life is unusual mix of action-RPG and life-sim that [Continue]

The real upgrade Guide

There are many so-called upgrade guides about Clash of Clans, and most of them are not logical and practical. This shot guide will help you on most practical way to understand the mechanics of upgrading in Clash of Clans. At the beginning of a game the most important you should remember and never forget is [Continue]

Dying Light PS4 Review

Dying Light, a first-person is a action survival horror game where players must survive until the morning’s first light. Game takes elements from a number of games blends them together in a open world first-person zombie shooter. We were blown away by how gorgeous this game looks from every angle. Desolate city has been created [Continue]

Clash of Clans Upgrade Guide

If you are relatively new in Clash of Clans you may be puzzled which buildings and upgrades you want to work on first. You will have only a few basic builders and many options! Where to start? What to upgrade first? Here are answers to such questions: When you start a game there are a [Continue]