How to use Sony Entertainment Network Voucher Code


Sony PlayStation is the favorite pastime activity for millions of children and grown-ups all over the world. In 2006, PlayStation Network was launched, where the users were able to register and buy digital copies of the desired games, apps and other PlayStation content. In the meantime, the PSN was renamed and it is now known ad Sony Entertainment Network, but they still provide a great deal of digital content for PS3, PS4, PSP and Vita consoles.

sony-entertainment-network-mainOne of the offers on the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) is Voucher Code, which can be obtained when you buy PS content in the online store or from a retailer. It is used for purchasing PS content for yourself or giving it to someone as a gift, and you can use it to top up your e-wallet in the Sony Entertainment Network online store. Some people are confused by the terms of use of these vouchers, so they still prefer buying a hard copy of PS games. However, using the SEN voucher is not difficult, and once you purchase one, it certainly has various benefits.

When you decide that you want to use the SEN Voucher Code, the first step is to create an account on the Sony Entertainment Network website. In order to do this, you need to be at least 7 years old, but there are certain conditions of use for all users under 18. If you are a minor, then your parent needs to open the master account and create a sub-account for you.

sen gift cardsOnce you have registered on the Sony Entertainment Network, you can fund the e-wallet in several ways, which will later be used for buying the content from the online store. Some people choose to link their credit card to the SEN account, but you can also use SEN Card which is used especially for this purpose. If you have the voucher code, you can use it as the additional source of funding your account. All you need to do is go to Account Management > Redeem Codes, enter the code and select “Continue”. After these several steps, your account will be funded with the amount provided by the Voucher, and you will be able to use this money to buy different content from the online store. You should look for websites that give away free vouchers, you can hope to win some cards on their free daily psn codes list offers.

When using SEN Voucher Codes, there are several things to have in mind. First of all, the Voucher Code must be for the same country as your account, otherwise you will not be able to use it. There may be some other restrictions as well, which are usually related with Parental Control. For example, if your child wants to buy a game from their sub-account and they are underage for the game’s rating, they will not be able to complete the purchase.

Every Voucher Code can be used only once. When you redeem the Voucher Code, you will not be able to use it once again on other accounts. Last but not least, every Code has the expiry date, so make sure to pay attention to it and redeem the code before it expires.

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