Instagram tips that you should know

Instagram is the best social network or service where you can successfully present your business or brand and establish your self as a leader in your specific niche. Even it is very simple, there are certain tips and tricks that may help you reach your desired goals much more faster like use of to get real and trusted followers.We collected several very useful and practical tips that you should definitely know and apply.

You should use everything that Instagram offers as a platform, and one of the best things that you can use are available filters. They can improve the quality of your images and give completely new story. Remember that you can adjust intensity of filter and on that way completely control how your image will look. Many users do not know how to adjust filters, but it is very simple you should just tap twice on the filter and use slider to adjust the filter’s intensity. That will give you freedom of creativity and endless variations that may improve your photos. You can also use border option and access them just choose your desired filter twice and you will see a little square icon on the right. Tap the best I can and it will bring border options for that filter.

One of the most important things that you definitely need to master is placing and managing hashtaga and captions. Many users do not pay attention to those things, but they are extremely important if you want to create successful business in social media networks. If you need to change captions you can do it by tapping three dots in the bottom-right corner and then tap edit button. It is so simple, yet many uses do not know how to find this option. Sometimes it is needed to delete a comment and is the way how you can do it. Tap on “Comment” just under the photo and swipe over the comment you want to delete. That will reveal a little square with a trash can icon and after that icon become visible simply tap the trash and delete the comment. It is a little bit different if you’re using Android smart phone. On android you shoot tap the speech bubble and then tap the comment and finally choose “Delete Comment”. Instagram is all about social aspect, so it is advisable to collect all your social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to get up with Instagram and create one unified social media base.

All your accounts should be connected, so when you post a photo on Instagram it should appear also on Facebook and Twitter. If you need to respond you can do it very simply by adding“@” sign before the name of the user. You can also tag the person when you post your comment and he receives a notification. You can do it very simply by tap and hold the name of the user, then type your response and finally tap “Send”. Those were some of the basic tips that every Instagram user should know.

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