Fantasy Life 3ds Review

Fantasy Life is a playful mix of the magical and the mundane things combined in charming blend that brings interesting story and catching gameplay along the way. It combines calm, peaceful life with RPG quests and terrifying monsters which create unique atmosphere in the game. Fantasy life is unusual mix of action-RPG and life-sim that brings appealing cartoon graphics with charm and humour that you can experience via Nintendo 3ds emulator android and conquer the world of Reveria.

In Fantasy Life you will need to create a character and then choose a ‘life’ for your character. There are twelve different lives, from traditional fantasy archetypes like the paladin, the hunter, the mercenary, the mage – to the “ordinary” ones – the miner, fisherman, tailor, alchemist or cook. Switching between jobs is one of the most engaging aspects of Fantasy Life. While each group of tasks starts sluggish, they pick up quickly, particularly as you see more of the world. There’s always tons of stuff to do and multiple ways to do it and you will surely become charmed with diversity of actions and various task in the game. The game has a day and night cycle and you are responsible for how you use your time between dusk and dawn.

You will begin the game as a young boy who arrives at an strange town, where you take up residence and begin the business of settling in with the locals. The quests are all open-ended, and you can have many active at once, making for a pleasant, relaxed pace to complete them all. There are three types of resource in the game; Dosh, that is the general currency. With Dosh you can buy and sell items. Second currency is Bliss, earned by carrying out requests. Third currency are Stars, which are granted for performing extraordinary achievements. You will use stars for leveling up and unlocking new skills. The progression system is simple you will get XP points for killing monsters, while completing the challenge missions in your chosen life will affect your rank . On that way you can unlock new skills or new recipes for your items and access to improved equipment. Bliss currency is used mainly for buying and decorating your home, pets and mounts.

You will get quests from all sorts of characters, and completing these fun tasks can earn you anything from additional game content to money to buy cool items. Mastering a Life will be a real challenge because every time when you achieve a higher Life rank, the next set of career-oriented tasks will get tougher. Monsters will deal more damage, ingredients for recipes will be harder to find.We must say that Fantasy Life is an amazing game with plenty of charm. It is not perfect game, especially with the limited story, but once you hit the side quests and reveal job system, the world opens up charmingly. Fantasy Life is a fun mixture of life simulation and RPG that offers a large amount of activities to do. The world of Reveria is waiting for you!

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