The real upgrade Guide

There are many so-called upgrade guides about Clash of Clans, and most of them are not logical and practical. This shot guide will help you on most practical way to understand the mechanics of upgrading in Clash of Clans.

At the beginning of a game the most important you should remember and never forget is to build everything you can to to level 1. Only when you upgraded everything on first level you should go further. That is the basic of upgrading, but defensive structures have specific characteristics and will share most important points that are significant for proper upgrading order in Clash of Clans. Clan Castle is the most important defensive structure in a game. Many times players forget to check Clan Castle and if you have low level Town Hall it can spoil your attack. Another important point is that you can get as a donation a very high units. Besides Clan Castle, here are most important defensive structures in upgrading order. First you should always upgrade your Mortar.Yes, you will need some gems to speed a process a little like gemmes gratuites clash of clans or simmilar available solution.

The reason to this is very obvious, it does splash damage and has huge attack range. You should upgrade your Mortars so that they are able to kill unit, for example an archer with one single shot. Splash damage is the most important type of damage in this game, therefore the upgrading of Mortars is extremly important. Wizard Towers are second to Mortars from the same reason, splash damage. They also have very high fire rate. Wizard Tower is ideal for dealing with Goblins and Barbarians. With those two upgrades you will cover splash damage at that time, so now we need a great single target defense structure and that are, of course cannons. Cannons have good fire rate, good damage and a good range for very low price. Upgraded Cannon is excellent solution against Golems and Giants.

You should upgrade Archer Towers next because they can attack air and ground units, and they have even higher range and then cannons. Try to get as many Archer Towers and Cannons as possible, spread them around your base and you will have a decent defensive shield. Now it is time for some traps. Upgrade your Hidden Tesslas because they have the highest fire rate and can do significant damage. Air defense is next on your priority list and after that you should have a decent defense of base. Your next upgrade can be related to the resources, so you can upgrade Elixir storage and Elixir collectors. We’re hoping that you will apply all strategies from this practical Clash of Clans guide.

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