Ultimate Team Chemistry Guide

In this short guide we will be covering Chemistry, very important mechanic of the game. There are two different Chemistry types; one is for individual players and other for whole team.
First one is fairly simple to understand. You only have to keep track of two players playing close on the field. Depending on the chemistry level, the line that links the two players will change, from the red line that represent worst chemistry to the green that is the best possible combination.

Team chemistry is a little bit more difficult and most important is to use the right player for the right role. If a player is in its ideal role, icon will be red, if it is close to its ideal role, icon will be orange. Using a coach who is in the same league will also have impact on your team chemistry. Make sure to use the same players for several matches to build chemistry to the highest level among them.
The chemistry levels are definite from the beginning of the game and will not change during the match. So you can take this as your advantage and start with highest Chemistry level and use best possible players.

Here is short description of various Chemistry indicators and how you can improve them. If line is green players are in the same league, country and team. They have to share two of those factors to get a green line. Players that are in the same league, team or same nationality and share one of those factors will have orange line. Finally, if players do not have any connection they will have red line between them. Maximum Chemistry level is level 100.
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Players who have played ten matches in your team get a loyalty point and on the back of the player card the color will change to green, and a player who didn’t play more than ten matches will have a white shield. Specific cards have a specific Chemistry effect and these cards will give some statistics for a player. For example, a defender will get more header skill, attacker will run faster etc. You will need to find perfect combinations among them to boost vital qualities of your major players.
Therefore, Chemistry is extremely important in FiFA 15. It is aspect of the game that may be crucial for your success.

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