Dying Light PS4 Review

Dying Light, a first-person is a action survival horror game where players must survive until the morning’s first light. Game takes elements from a number of games blends them together in a open world first-person zombie shooter. We were blown away by how gorgeous this game looks from every angle. Desolate city has been created in brilliant detail and the lighting effects help to create a sense of true realism.

The plot of a game is very simple – Kyle Crane, a government operative, has been sent to the city of Harran to recover lost data about a virus that’s turned most of the population into zombies. Dying Light’s city of Harran isn’t a miserable wasteland – it’s a vibrant, ambitious, open-world playground that will give you countless hours of thrilling action. During the day, players will pass through an urban environment infested by a vicious outbreak, searching the world for supplies and weapons to defend against the infected monsters. Combat in the game is very satisfying filled with a huge arsenal of various weapons and crafted tools.If you are still do not have a copy of this great game, grab some free psn codes and join us in adventure.

Dying Light will put you in a endless running across the city from a first-person perspective. It takes a short while to get used to climbing and rooftops, sneering at the zombies below. You will have to choose among three upgrade trees – general survival skills, agility skills, and attack power skills. Experience for each skill tree is earned outdoors – so for every leap for example will add a few points to the Agility, while every point of damage you make gives point to. It’s a great way to manage progression, but you will have to play for a very long time to unlock major abilities

The movement and realistic time progression suggest that Techland wants to submerge you in Harran’s apocalyptic dilemma, but the game’s realism takes a hit at almost every turn whether it’s the graphics, or enemy AI. Dying Light is entirely playable as a single-player game, but you will be able to co-op with up to three partners. Online matchmaking is still hit-or-miss on PS4, but online sessions are very stable once they get going.

Fans of survival, open worlds, and first-person shooters will find things to enjoy in Dying Light, a massive, detailed open world, superb multiplayer, solid parkour and beautiful graphics.

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