Clash of Clans Upgrade Guide

If you are relatively new in Clash of Clans you may be puzzled which buildings and upgrades you want to work on first. You will have only a few basic builders and many options! Where to start? What to upgrade first? Here are answers to such questions:

When you start a game there are a few upgrades and buildings that should be your priority. At any Town Hall level upgrade the Laboratory first. That will give you opportunity to upgrade units via research and it is the most effective way to increase your farming capabilities. Send your first builder to work on the Laboratory, and with all free builders start building Barracks. Adding a new Barracks will improve production and capacity, significantly improving your farming abilities. Then you should upgrade Spell Factory and the reason for upgrading these is that upgrading will increase your offensive capabilities, improving your farming and war capabilities. At high levels upgrading your Army Camps is not recommended.

Then, after maxing out your aggressive capabilities, it is time to start upgrading your defense! The fastest way to improve your defensive skills is to add on Towers, especially Cannon and Archer Tower. Do not forget Walls, they are extremely important. Also build some additional storage structures at this moment.
Now, you should have new Towers and defensive Walls, so start to make layout for your Town Hall. Place your Towers and Walls according to your design, upgrade them if you need to next level. Do not improve more than one Air Defense Tower otherwise you will be vulnerable for air attacks.

Adding additional storage structures are more beneficial than most players understand. With additional storage structures, it becomes more difficult for the opponent to get access to all of your resources and that is very important! Then, upgrade Dark Elixir Drills with high priority, because Dark Elixir is a very limited resource and the drills produce quite a bit of it, so it’s right time for upgrade.
So, you are almost done! You have decent Buildings, Towers and Defensive structures, so you can upgrade remaining structures as soon as you have enough resources. If you do not have enough resources available, search for some clash of clans hack tool and use it to generate additional resources. If you follow this short upgrade guide you will easily develop buildings and troops that will be agood starting point for some serious gaming experience.

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