How to attain Champions League in Clash of Clans?

1You may think that you will never attain Champions League, especially if you have Town Hall far below level eight. Is it possible? Short answer is – Yes, it is possible!

What you will really need is a lot of time and focus on important things. Reaching Crystal League is quite realistic and if you develop Town Hall 7 or 8 you may reach the Master League. For reaching particular League you will receive a lot of trophies and gems, for reaching Crystal League 2,000 trophies and 250 gems, for reaching Master League 2600 trophies and1,000 gems, for reaching Champion League 3200 trophies and 2,000 gems. To get more gems you can use clash of clans hack app. You will be grouped with up to 100 players within your league and each league will track all relevant info about your progress..

You must prepare yourself to invest a lot of time and gold if you are willing to get to Champions League. First step is that you should fill your Barracks with Barbarians and Archersand always keep them queued up. You will need to snip Town Halls and attack those bases to get at least 1 star. Be realistic, do not waste your troops by forcing them to win all 3 stars. Try to find right balance. If there are any easy bases go for 3 star. Sometimes you will find high level base, so different approaches are required. Then you will find active farming bases and be careful with Hidden Teslas and other traps. Look for empty spaces inside the structure, if they are 2×2 empty space, most certainly there are Hidden Tesla Towers. First deploy just one Archer and trigger Traps. After you neutralize hidden Traps you can deploy more troops. You may also deploy few Barbarians and then 15-20 Archers. In your adventure and path toward Champions League you may face different situations.

Some Town Halls will not be exposed, but they will be reachable for your troops. See if there are the buildings outside and apply similar technique – drop only one Archer in fr2ont each building. You will have to know that perfect bases are very rare to be found, so arm yourself with patience. Beware of not taking nonsense attacks out of frustration if you cannot find suitable base. Take your breaks and go slow but steady.

Those are basic tips and tricks about attaining Clash of Clans Champions League. See you there!

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