The Most Followed Persons on Instagram

most followed people on instagram

One of the largest social networks in the world, standing alongside Facebook and Twitter, is the Instagram. A social network designed primarily for posting photos and videos, Instagram has taken the world in an instant, taking only a few years to join the ranks of Facebook. Nowadays, Instagram is used by millions and millions of people, all around the world.


Posting photos and videos has never been so easy and user-friendly, and it is easy to see why Instagram attracts so many users. Ideal for people who just want to share some thoughts with other like-minded individuals, but for big stars and celebrities who use their Instagram profiles to endorse their products, talents, and personas, Instagram is the perfect platform for everybody.
Whether you are a globally recognized superstar like Taylor Swift or Beyonce or Cristiano Ronaldo or a schoolgirl from Pasadena, California, the key aspect to gaining more Instagram popularity will be the number of followers. Of course, pop music celebrities will gather followers quickly, thanks to their already existing level of popularity and this will be measured in tens of millions of followers. Yet, when you are a “regular” user and a “normal” person, so to speak, piling up follower might be a formidable task.

christiano ronaldo instagram
For example, the most popular people on Instagram, if popularity is measured by the number of followers, are Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, in that order. All three are famous female pop stars, with a very recognizable persona and vocal skills. Their follower count reaches 80 or even 90 million people. And this popularity can be exploited for various reasons, mainly business. In that sense, it is easy to see that the accounts of famous people are also worth a lot of money, simply because they are so popular and so many people see them every day.
Not only famous people use Instagram today. There are many companies that promote their brands on Instagram, posting photos of new products or services. Adidas, Nike, Puma, Zara and many other fashion brands are present on Instagram, posting every day. Furthermore, on the list of most popular profiles are many sports personas – footballers, basketball players, but also many actors and actresses. All of these have millions and millions of followers, piled up over the years of popularity.


Now, as we said above, having a lot of followers might be easy for celebrities, but not so comfortable for “normal” people. However, there is a way for Instagram users to acquire followers for free, quickly and easily. While movie stars, pop stars and athletes might not have the need to use these applications, a beginner Instagram user will certainly crave to increase the number of followers of his account. So, join the trend and get yourself as much as 10.000 followers in less than a week – quickly, easily and free of charge and, who knows, in a few years you might reach the popularity of current Instagram rulers.

How to use Sony Entertainment Network Voucher Code


Sony PlayStation is the favorite pastime activity for millions of children and grown-ups all over the world. In 2006, PlayStation Network was launched, where the users were able to register and buy digital copies of the desired games, apps and other PlayStation content. In the meantime, the PSN was renamed and it is now known ad Sony Entertainment Network, but they still provide a great deal of digital content for PS3, PS4, PSP and Vita consoles.

sony-entertainment-network-mainOne of the offers on the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) is Voucher Code, which can be obtained when you buy PS content in the online store or from a retailer. It is used for purchasing PS content for yourself or giving it to someone as a gift, and you can use it to top up your e-wallet in the Sony Entertainment Network online store. Some people are confused by the terms of use of these vouchers, so they still prefer buying a hard copy of PS games. However, using the SEN voucher is not difficult, and once you purchase one, it certainly has various benefits.

When you decide that you want to use the SEN Voucher Code, the first step is to create an account on the Sony Entertainment Network website. In order to do this, you need to be at least 7 years old, but there are certain conditions of use for all users under 18. If you are a minor, then your parent needs to open the master account and create a sub-account for you.

sen gift cardsOnce you have registered on the Sony Entertainment Network, you can fund the e-wallet in several ways, which will later be used for buying the content from the online store. Some people choose to link their credit card to the SEN account, but you can also use SEN Card which is used especially for this purpose. If you have the voucher code, you can use it as the additional source of funding your account. All you need to do is go to Account Management > Redeem Codes, enter the code and select “Continue”. After these several steps, your account will be funded with the amount provided by the Voucher, and you will be able to use this money to buy different content from the online store. You should look for websites that give away free vouchers, you can hope to win some cards on their free daily psn codes list offers.

When using SEN Voucher Codes, there are several things to have in mind. First of all, the Voucher Code must be for the same country as your account, otherwise you will not be able to use it. There may be some other restrictions as well, which are usually related with Parental Control. For example, if your child wants to buy a game from their sub-account and they are underage for the game’s rating, they will not be able to complete the purchase.

Every Voucher Code can be used only once. When you redeem the Voucher Code, you will not be able to use it once again on other accounts. Last but not least, every Code has the expiry date, so make sure to pay attention to it and redeem the code before it expires.

Instagram tips that you should know

Instagram is the best social network or service where you can successfully present your business or brand and establish your self as a leader in your specific niche. Even it is very simple, there are certain tips and tricks that may help you reach your desired goals much more faster like use of to get real and trusted followers.We collected several very useful and practical tips that you should definitely know and apply.

You should use everything that Instagram offers as a platform, and one of the best things that you can use are available filters. They can improve the quality of your images and give completely new story. Remember that you can adjust intensity of filter and on that way completely control how your image will look. Many users do not know how to adjust filters, but it is very simple you should just tap twice on the filter and use slider to adjust the filter’s intensity. That will give you freedom of creativity and endless variations that may improve your photos. You can also use border option and access them just choose your desired filter twice and you will see a little square icon on the right. Tap the best I can and it will bring border options for that filter.

One of the most important things that you definitely need to master is placing and managing hashtaga and captions. Many users do not pay attention to those things, but they are extremely important if you want to create successful business in social media networks. If you need to change captions you can do it by tapping three dots in the bottom-right corner and then tap edit button. It is so simple, yet many uses do not know how to find this option. Sometimes it is needed to delete a comment and is the way how you can do it. Tap on “Comment” just under the photo and swipe over the comment you want to delete. That will reveal a little square with a trash can icon and after that icon become visible simply tap the trash and delete the comment. It is a little bit different if you’re using Android smart phone. On android you shoot tap the speech bubble and then tap the comment and finally choose “Delete Comment”. Instagram is all about social aspect, so it is advisable to collect all your social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to get up with Instagram and create one unified social media base.

All your accounts should be connected, so when you post a photo on Instagram it should appear also on Facebook and Twitter. If you need to respond you can do it very simply by adding“@” sign before the name of the user. You can also tag the person when you post your comment and he receives a notification. You can do it very simply by tap and hold the name of the user, then type your response and finally tap “Send”. Those were some of the basic tips that every Instagram user should know.

Fantasy Life 3ds Review

Fantasy Life is a playful mix of the magical and the mundane things combined in charming blend that brings interesting story and catching gameplay along the way. It combines calm, peaceful life with RPG quests and terrifying monsters which create unique atmosphere in the game. Fantasy life is unusual mix of action-RPG and life-sim that brings appealing cartoon graphics with charm and humour that you can experience via Nintendo 3ds emulator android and conquer the world of Reveria.

In Fantasy Life you will need to create a character and then choose a ‘life’ for your character. There are twelve different lives, from traditional fantasy archetypes like the paladin, the hunter, the mercenary, the mage – to the “ordinary” ones – the miner, fisherman, tailor, alchemist or cook. Switching between jobs is one of the most engaging aspects of Fantasy Life. While each group of tasks starts sluggish, they pick up quickly, particularly as you see more of the world. There’s always tons of stuff to do and multiple ways to do it and you will surely become charmed with diversity of actions and various task in the game. The game has a day and night cycle and you are responsible for how you use your time between dusk and dawn.

You will begin the game as a young boy who arrives at an strange town, where you take up residence and begin the business of settling in with the locals. The quests are all open-ended, and you can have many active at once, making for a pleasant, relaxed pace to complete them all. There are three types of resource in the game; Dosh, that is the general currency. With Dosh you can buy and sell items. Second currency is Bliss, earned by carrying out requests. Third currency are Stars, which are granted for performing extraordinary achievements. You will use stars for leveling up and unlocking new skills. The progression system is simple you will get XP points for killing monsters, while completing the challenge missions in your chosen life will affect your rank . On that way you can unlock new skills or new recipes for your items and access to improved equipment. Bliss currency is used mainly for buying and decorating your home, pets and mounts.

You will get quests from all sorts of characters, and completing these fun tasks can earn you anything from additional game content to money to buy cool items. Mastering a Life will be a real challenge because every time when you achieve a higher Life rank, the next set of career-oriented tasks will get tougher. Monsters will deal more damage, ingredients for recipes will be harder to find.We must say that Fantasy Life is an amazing game with plenty of charm. It is not perfect game, especially with the limited story, but once you hit the side quests and reveal job system, the world opens up charmingly. Fantasy Life is a fun mixture of life simulation and RPG that offers a large amount of activities to do. The world of Reveria is waiting for you!

The real upgrade Guide

There are many so-called upgrade guides about Clash of Clans, and most of them are not logical and practical. This shot guide will help you on most practical way to understand the mechanics of upgrading in Clash of Clans.

At the beginning of a game the most important you should remember and never forget is to build everything you can to to level 1. Only when you upgraded everything on first level you should go further. That is the basic of upgrading, but defensive structures have specific characteristics and will share most important points that are significant for proper upgrading order in Clash of Clans. Clan Castle is the most important defensive structure in a game. Many times players forget to check Clan Castle and if you have low level Town Hall it can spoil your attack. Another important point is that you can get as a donation a very high units. Besides Clan Castle, here are most important defensive structures in upgrading order. First you should always upgrade your Mortar.Yes, you will need some gems to speed a process a little like gemmes gratuites clash of clans or simmilar available solution.

The reason to this is very obvious, it does splash damage and has huge attack range. You should upgrade your Mortars so that they are able to kill unit, for example an archer with one single shot. Splash damage is the most important type of damage in this game, therefore the upgrading of Mortars is extremly important. Wizard Towers are second to Mortars from the same reason, splash damage. They also have very high fire rate. Wizard Tower is ideal for dealing with Goblins and Barbarians. With those two upgrades you will cover splash damage at that time, so now we need a great single target defense structure and that are, of course cannons. Cannons have good fire rate, good damage and a good range for very low price. Upgraded Cannon is excellent solution against Golems and Giants.

You should upgrade Archer Towers next because they can attack air and ground units, and they have even higher range and then cannons. Try to get as many Archer Towers and Cannons as possible, spread them around your base and you will have a decent defensive shield. Now it is time for some traps. Upgrade your Hidden Tesslas because they have the highest fire rate and can do significant damage. Air defense is next on your priority list and after that you should have a decent defense of base. Your next upgrade can be related to the resources, so you can upgrade Elixir storage and Elixir collectors. We’re hoping that you will apply all strategies from this practical Clash of Clans guide.

Dying Light PS4 Review

Dying Light, a first-person is a action survival horror game where players must survive until the morning’s first light. Game takes elements from a number of games blends them together in a open world first-person zombie shooter. We were blown away by how gorgeous this game looks from every angle. Desolate city has been created in brilliant detail and the lighting effects help to create a sense of true realism.

The plot of a game is very simple – Kyle Crane, a government operative, has been sent to the city of Harran to recover lost data about a virus that’s turned most of the population into zombies. Dying Light’s city of Harran isn’t a miserable wasteland – it’s a vibrant, ambitious, open-world playground that will give you countless hours of thrilling action. During the day, players will pass through an urban environment infested by a vicious outbreak, searching the world for supplies and weapons to defend against the infected monsters. Combat in the game is very satisfying filled with a huge arsenal of various weapons and crafted tools.If you are still do not have a copy of this great game, grab some free psn codes and join us in adventure.

Dying Light will put you in a endless running across the city from a first-person perspective. It takes a short while to get used to climbing and rooftops, sneering at the zombies below. You will have to choose among three upgrade trees – general survival skills, agility skills, and attack power skills. Experience for each skill tree is earned outdoors – so for every leap for example will add a few points to the Agility, while every point of damage you make gives point to. It’s a great way to manage progression, but you will have to play for a very long time to unlock major abilities

The movement and realistic time progression suggest that Techland wants to submerge you in Harran’s apocalyptic dilemma, but the game’s realism takes a hit at almost every turn whether it’s the graphics, or enemy AI. Dying Light is entirely playable as a single-player game, but you will be able to co-op with up to three partners. Online matchmaking is still hit-or-miss on PS4, but online sessions are very stable once they get going.

Fans of survival, open worlds, and first-person shooters will find things to enjoy in Dying Light, a massive, detailed open world, superb multiplayer, solid parkour and beautiful graphics.

Clash of Clans Upgrade Guide

If you are relatively new in Clash of Clans you may be puzzled which buildings and upgrades you want to work on first. You will have only a few basic builders and many options! Where to start? What to upgrade first? Here are answers to such questions:

When you start a game there are a few upgrades and buildings that should be your priority. At any Town Hall level upgrade the Laboratory first. That will give you opportunity to upgrade units via research and it is the most effective way to increase your farming capabilities. Send your first builder to work on the Laboratory, and with all free builders start building Barracks. Adding a new Barracks will improve production and capacity, significantly improving your farming abilities. Then you should upgrade Spell Factory and the reason for upgrading these is that upgrading will increase your offensive capabilities, improving your farming and war capabilities. At high levels upgrading your Army Camps is not recommended.

Then, after maxing out your aggressive capabilities, it is time to start upgrading your defense! The fastest way to improve your defensive skills is to add on Towers, especially Cannon and Archer Tower. Do not forget Walls, they are extremely important. Also build some additional storage structures at this moment.
Now, you should have new Towers and defensive Walls, so start to make layout for your Town Hall. Place your Towers and Walls according to your design, upgrade them if you need to next level. Do not improve more than one Air Defense Tower otherwise you will be vulnerable for air attacks.

Adding additional storage structures are more beneficial than most players understand. With additional storage structures, it becomes more difficult for the opponent to get access to all of your resources and that is very important! Then, upgrade Dark Elixir Drills with high priority, because Dark Elixir is a very limited resource and the drills produce quite a bit of it, so it’s right time for upgrade.
So, you are almost done! You have decent Buildings, Towers and Defensive structures, so you can upgrade remaining structures as soon as you have enough resources. If you do not have enough resources available, search for some clash of clans hack tool and use it to generate additional resources. If you follow this short upgrade guide you will easily develop buildings and troops that will be agood starting point for some serious gaming experience.

Ultimate Team Chemistry Guide

In this short guide we will be covering Chemistry, very important mechanic of the game. There are two different Chemistry types; one is for individual players and other for whole team.
First one is fairly simple to understand. You only have to keep track of two players playing close on the field. Depending on the chemistry level, the line that links the two players will change, from the red line that represent worst chemistry to the green that is the best possible combination.

Team chemistry is a little bit more difficult and most important is to use the right player for the right role. If a player is in its ideal role, icon will be red, if it is close to its ideal role, icon will be orange. Using a coach who is in the same league will also have impact on your team chemistry. Make sure to use the same players for several matches to build chemistry to the highest level among them.
The chemistry levels are definite from the beginning of the game and will not change during the match. So you can take this as your advantage and start with highest Chemistry level and use best possible players.

Here is short description of various Chemistry indicators and how you can improve them. If line is green players are in the same league, country and team. They have to share two of those factors to get a green line. Players that are in the same league, team or same nationality and share one of those factors will have orange line. Finally, if players do not have any connection they will have red line between them. Maximum Chemistry level is level 100.
You can get free fifa 15 coins online and buy players you may need to make your Chemistry combination perfect.
Players who have played ten matches in your team get a loyalty point and on the back of the player card the color will change to green, and a player who didn’t play more than ten matches will have a white shield. Specific cards have a specific Chemistry effect and these cards will give some statistics for a player. For example, a defender will get more header skill, attacker will run faster etc. You will need to find perfect combinations among them to boost vital qualities of your major players.
Therefore, Chemistry is extremely important in FiFA 15. It is aspect of the game that may be crucial for your success.

How to attain Champions League in Clash of Clans?

1You may think that you will never attain Champions League, especially if you have Town Hall far below level eight. Is it possible? Short answer is – Yes, it is possible!

What you will really need is a lot of time and focus on important things. Reaching Crystal League is quite realistic and if you develop Town Hall 7 or 8 you may reach the Master League. For reaching particular League you will receive a lot of trophies and gems, for reaching Crystal League 2,000 trophies and 250 gems, for reaching Master League 2600 trophies and1,000 gems, for reaching Champion League 3200 trophies and 2,000 gems. To get more gems you can use clash of clans hack app. You will be grouped with up to 100 players within your league and each league will track all relevant info about your progress..

You must prepare yourself to invest a lot of time and gold if you are willing to get to Champions League. First step is that you should fill your Barracks with Barbarians and Archersand always keep them queued up. You will need to snip Town Halls and attack those bases to get at least 1 star. Be realistic, do not waste your troops by forcing them to win all 3 stars. Try to find right balance. If there are any easy bases go for 3 star. Sometimes you will find high level base, so different approaches are required. Then you will find active farming bases and be careful with Hidden Teslas and other traps. Look for empty spaces inside the structure, if they are 2×2 empty space, most certainly there are Hidden Tesla Towers. First deploy just one Archer and trigger Traps. After you neutralize hidden Traps you can deploy more troops. You may also deploy few Barbarians and then 15-20 Archers. In your adventure and path toward Champions League you may face different situations.

Some Town Halls will not be exposed, but they will be reachable for your troops. See if there are the buildings outside and apply similar technique – drop only one Archer in fr2ont each building. You will have to know that perfect bases are very rare to be found, so arm yourself with patience. Beware of not taking nonsense attacks out of frustration if you cannot find suitable base. Take your breaks and go slow but steady.

Those are basic tips and tricks about attaining Clash of Clans Champions League. See you there!

Significant Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

Need followers and likes for free?

How to get more followers on instagram


Individuals who use Instagram usually want more followers.

They always try to get well-known in real life, and that is exactly the same on their social networks. Here we have discussed about the methods how to get more followers on Instagram.

Quality Content is King


Instagram is not simply a medium to publish any type of photos; it is essential that you provide your followers only the prime cut of beef in creative finesse as well as sophistication. The most convenient way to understand what works would be to have a look at the most popular photos or accounts and imitate their work. Quality is exactly what is certain to get Instagram followers for your account. Publishing a great deal of photos with the hope that one will charm users is not advisable. Viewers of your account will see a string of substandard photos and then an excellent one and assume that you simply got lucky. This is simply not the feeling you would like to impart on your prospective followers.

Buy Instagram Followers

Buy followers

If you are not a superstar in the real world, acquiring 1000s of Instagram followers will never be easy; however, you can give yourself an edge by buying real Instagram followers. Whenever you purchase Instagram followers you are placing yourself to get a much bigger following. An account with a sizable following usually arouses curiosity and this is exactly what you need to do. When people are curious about you and your content material is excellent, you may be guaranteed by the time they finish exploring your high quality photos, they will surely click the follow button since they want more of you.

Use Tags


An important function to enable you to obtain Instagram followers is the use of tags. The use of #hashtags and Geotags is crucial in getting you many more followers. When using #hashtags it is essential that you #hashtag pages which have content material that is very much like yours. Geotags are indispensable since they not only make sure that your photos are placed along with other photos of the area, but also it draws interest of other Instagram users from that place.

Interact with other users

Lastly, to obtain Instagram followers you must understand that it is a social platform. Similar to any social network, it is vital that you communicate with other users. In this way you may not only get noticed, but you may even obtain a satisfactory number of followers just by making the effort to interact.